DIY – documenta

DIY – documenta

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Every five years, a comparatively small town in Northern Germany plays host to one of the world’s largest and arguably most important art exhibitions. This year, the first DIY documenta will be held in Stuttgart and Vienna. . .
The DIY documenta is part Gedankenexperiment, part learning machine, part exhibition. On a much smaller scale and with practically no budget, the DIY documenta looks to evoke the constitutive dichotomies that define its older sister: the local (provincial?) and the universal, the historical survey together with the Momentaufnahme of the present, the critique and celebration of representation, the joyous affirmation of dilettantism and the megalomania of the world encompassing showcase. . .
Masters Students from the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart along with students from the Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna, together with their teachers are responsible for the realization of the exhibition. The exhibition will be shown at the art space LOTTE in Stuttgart and FOX in Vienna.

Participants in the exhibition and seminars are Francesca Aldegani, Elena Rosalia Apollonio, Selvi Atas, Chiara Bals, Zahar Bondar, Joost Bottema, Siena Brunnthaler, Hatun Colak, Sophie Marie Csenar, Anna Doppler, Esra Göksu, Marlies Gruber, Tristan Griessler, Isabell Ingber, Rafaella Isnit, Anastasia Jermolaewa, Maura Jasper, Maximilian Jettmar, Ludwig Kittinger, Selma Klima, Philipp Köster, Lili Liang, Samuel Linus Gromann, Léa Manoussakis, Julie Mantwill, Caroline Meyer-Jürshof, Felizitas Moroder, Peter Ott, David Quigley, Aline Rainer, Laura Schäfer, Elisabeth Schmid, Susanne Therese Schwarz, Vincent von Tiedemann, Maria Tsaneva, Christoph Voglbauer, David Weimar, Patrick Wellmann, Florian Wille, Sasha Zalivako.


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