Elisabeth Kihlström

Elisabeth Kihlström

25.10. 2018


Courage, mon amie is a performance that weaves together interviews with artists
and designers about their live-and-work spaces, Kihlström’s own writing and fragments
of the bibliography she compiled. Together they construct the room of a single dweller, her
office for living. The voices are mixed with the urban fabric and the echo of history, mapping
out a system that allows us to live alone together. Rest-Work-Leisure-Dressing: days in the cave.

Do 25.. Oktober 2018   19.00 Uhr


Öffnungszeiten: Während der laufenden Ausstellung!
Fr 15 bis 20 Uhr
und nach Vereinbarung!
Marxergasse 16
A-1030 Wien

email: offspace(at)chello.at

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