Florian Mayr

Florian Mayr

four hundred and eight

19 September – 3 Oktober 2023


opening on the 19th of September 6 to 9pm!



Elfie Semotan; Hans Weigand; Die Mannschaft braucht Dich, Yves Klein!; Barbara Mungenast; Psychography; Group Show; Why Paint; Michael Riedel. New Year’s Resolutions; Wir sind doch keine Räuber, wir sind ja nicht einmal Diebe; Relativity Express; Letzte Landschaft; Viel viel Glück euch Zwein; Das kleine i; Record, Label, Playback (Missverständnis, Ignoranz, doppelte Unschärfe). Group Show; Displacement Texts and Interventions; Different Things Happen / Pathological Hoarding; Famed – Privileg der Umstände; viennacontemporary B11; Sentimiento Nuovo; Archdiploma; Hans Weigand. Win Win; Werner Feiersinger; Der Geist ist die Memorie; Luxusprobleme; Handhold; Enjoy Thank You; Three Paths to the Lake; Art Basel M19; Aftershows [Palais De Tokyo 2013-2015]; Second Chances First Impressions; The Winter of Our Discontent; Enough Romance. Let’s Fuck.; Soft Power; Parallel Vienna Gallery Statements; viennacontemporary B20/C19; Freeze London B12; Officers’ Pool; Oswald Oberhuber; Electoral Autocracy. Hans Weigand; Najm; Vater ich bin Nichtwähler; Manifestos, Theses, Projects and Notes; Kerstin Von Gabain; Heartache of a Stone; rumors and murmurs; Enclavia – Consequence of this kind of life; To figure it out; Svenja Deininger; Art Basel M21; Elfie Semotan & Michel Würthle; Mistaking the Moon for a Ball; One and Three Chairs (Wien); viennacontemporary B20/C19/C36; Freeze London G15; Look; Performative Sculptures; Quiet Fonts; Chaux; What If Everthing Was The Same? Exchange of Vacuums. Subjektobjekt; Macchiato; New Tricks, New Schemes; All Clear; Double Release; Untitled (Secession); Recent Trees and Monochromes; Sven Stilinović; Group Show; Raum#350-Lystre; Landscape is Picture; Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler; Art Basel M21; Dans un second temps; Untitled; Cream Cheese and Pretty Ribbons!; viennacontemporary B12/C13; Freeze London G17; Prozess und Zufall; Lagoonal. Smiles; ARCOmadrid 9A06; Untitled; Pieces; Open End; Tragic, comic and bold facts; Art Basel M21; Coffee Shop – Wine Bar; viennacontemporary B12/C13; Frieze London G17; See/Saw; Newroz; satellite. Sing No More This Bitter Tale; All the Lands from Sunrise to Sunset; Night Pieces; satellite II; ARCOmadrid 7A01; Roman Signer; About Palms, Snakes, and Tongues; Melanie Ebenhoch; Summer 2020; Sedimentations: Brushing History Against the Grain; satellite IV; Why do birds suddenly appear?; Today, One Month Ago; Catfish. Interconti Wien; Drift; Buoyant; Foster; Einatmen – Ausatmen; Spark Art Fair C1; To Do Without So Much Mythology; Art Basel M20; MENACE; Unseen Gesture. Merge Layers; The Volunteer; Plus Minus U.F.O.; Spark Art Fair G7; Characters; Art Basel M20; Reroute – Reorient; Sonja Gang; Le denier des 8 solitaires. A drip in a room in a house in a town in a country; Liaison; Art Basel L20; Between 58 and 131 Infinitely; viennacontemporary B11,





Opening hours during the exhibition:

Friday from 5 – 9pm

…or by any appointment!

Marxergasse 16
A-1030 Wien
email: fox(at)udobohnenberger.com

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